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2018 New Products

When broadcasting there are a few major challenges for a wireless video transmission system to overcome:

Shooting in a large open area can prove to be difficult for wireless video transmission systems, as there are no walls for the wireless signal to bounce off.

-The signal is absorbed by the crowd, resulting in a poor quality video on the receiving end of the system.

-Lastly, the biggest challenge is in live broadcasting for major events such as sporting events or live concerts, where a reliable and high-quality video signal is crucial and any errors or lags in the video stream will be seen by thousands of people around the world.

NEW wireless transmission model designed for broadcast & live streaming

Broadcasting video transmitter Available at 5g/6g/7g bandwidth!

Ultimately, Cine Gears Inc. has developed a line of Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmission Systems with customizable software to fit the needs of any broadcasting environment. This proprietary technology is exclusive to Cine Gears Inc. and has been successfully used by CCTV for their major live broadcasting events in 2017. Featuring tallyintercom, timecode support1080p encrypted video with zero latency, and customizable firmware, Cinegears INC. Ghost Eye Systems have proven to be the best choice in wireless video transmission and live to broadcast.

Ghost eye is used for major live events & concerts

In addition to these revolutionary advances in wireless video technology, Cine Gears Inc. has developed powerful equipment to add to the Ghost-Eye kit, including Power Amplifiers (PAs), which strengthen the signal emitted by the transmitters for added transmission quality on the field and a multi-stream video switcher system, for use when there is need for an additional backup transmitter and receiver.

The switcher will read the transcoder, transmission, and image quality from the two receivers and detect the strongest signal to send to the monitor. With these added technological perks you will be able to broadcast anything and everything without fear of your single cutting out or becoming distorted.

Redundant Management RMS Switcher

Bring MIMO technology to a new production level.

Zero latency, multi-channel, flexible on 1 to 2, 2 to 2, 2 to 4 configuration

A revolutionary new system to ensure your live feed will be the best signal possible.

Active switching between receivers when needed to ensure the stream is not lost.



Broadcaster friendly! No setup required! Ready, Set, Go!

   All our products are broadcaster friendly and easy to use right out of the box!


In early 2017, Cine Gears Inc. began working to develop a wireless video transmission system that would meet the strict demands of ENG broadcasting.

CINEGEARS 5G 60° Angle Pyramidal Horn Antenna

The Cinegears 5G 60º Angle Pyramidal Horn Antenna is a powerful solution for wireless video transmission. With a gain of 22dBi, the Pyramidal Horn Antenna provides precise directivity and a larger range of your signal. Used with the Cinegears 5G Antenna Extension Cable, the Pyramidal Horn Antenna is compatible with any Ghost Eye Wireless Video Transmission system.

A small taste of our brand new products

Four in one 2000m-R Full HD wireless video kit

The Four In One 2000M-R Full-HD Wireless Video Transmission Kit With Rack Mount Receiver and 4 Transmitter is a perfect solution for wedding videographers, educators, and churches wanting to incorporate wireless technology into their workflow. This system features compressed video sent over 2.4g which can easily pass through walls ensuring you can get your video feed in the most extreme situations.






Ghost eye wireless video receiver with a built-in screen

The engineers and creative heads behind all of our products design things with the common filmmaker in mind, what would best suit their needs. Just as our Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmission System was a leap forward in filmmaking, our Cinegears 5G Scanner will be that leap forward for wireless technology. With a sleek and innovative design, there is no other match for it in today’s market.

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