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CINEGEARS Ghost Eye witnesses Presidential visit to China


CCTV is China’s leading news network, covering the largest events in the nation and broadcasting them live to over one billion viewers. When broadcasting in this capacity, there are a few major challenges for a wireless video transmission system to overcome:

Shooting in a large open area can prove to be difficult for wireless video transmission systems, as there are no walls for the wireless signal to bounce off of. The signal is absorbed by the crowd, resulting in a poor quality video on the receiving end of the system. Large audiences are similarly challenging, as the signal can be both absorbed by the crowd and face interference from the cellphones in each person’s possession. Lastly, the biggest challenge is in live broadcasting for major events, where a reliable and high-quality video signal is crucial and any errors or lags in the video stream will be seen by thousands of people around the world.

In early 2017, Cinegears began working with CCTV to develop a wireless video transmission system that would meet the strict demands of ENG broadcasting. Cinegears began a rigorous field testing process, which included testing for signal strength and image quality comparison processing.

Ultimately, Cinegears has developed a line of Ghost Eye Wireless Video Transmission Systems with customizable software to fit the needs of any broadcasting environment.

In addition to these revolutionary advances in wireless video technology, Cinegears has developed powerful equipment to add to the Ghost Eye kit including Power Amplifiers (PAs), which strengthen the signal emitted by the transmitters for added transmission quality on the field. Cinegears has also developed a multi-stream video switcher system, for use when there are additional backup transmitter and receiver. The switcher will read the transcoder, transmission, and image quality from the two receivers and detect the strongest signal to send to the monitor.

This proprietary technology is exclusive to Cinegears, and has been successfully used by CCTV for their major live broadcasting events in 2017. The Ghost Eye systems have transmitted video in the large open area of Tiananmen Square, in conferences with large crowds, and most recently at the official visit to China by the President of the United States. When President Donald Trump made his historic visit to see President Xi in Beijing, Ghost Eye was there to capture the event and wirelessly transmit the signal that would be broadcast live across the world.

Featuring tally, intercom, and timecode support, 1080p encrypted video with zero latency, and customizable firmware, Cinegears Ghost Eye systems have proven to be the best choice in wireless video transmission and live to broadcast.






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