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Ghost-Eye Wireless HD & SDI Video Transmission Kit 800TC ENG

Ghost-Eye Wireless HD & SDI Video Transmission Kit 800TC ENG





  • Perfect for Broadcast with Tally and Talk-back functionality
  • Wireless HD video and audio transmission over 800 meters (2500 feet)
  • Transmits 1080p resolution at up to 60fps with 10-bit 4:2:2 color
  • HDMI/SDI Cross Conversion with SDI Loop-Out
  • Time Code Supported
  • Supports Start/Stop Functionality
  • Extreme Low Latency at <1ms
  • 4 Transmission Channels to an Unlimited Number of Ghost-Eye Receivers
  • Full cross-compatibility with other Ghost-Eye models
  • Customizable Encryption
  • Auto-Relink Once Transmitter is Carried Back Within Range


The Cinegears Ghost-Eye 800TC ENG uses the cutting-edge technology from our M-Series and goes one further with Tally and Talkback; the Cinegears Ghost-Eye 800TC ENG is ideal for use in broadcasting. The tally light on the 800TC ENG transmitter indicates when the camera is on the air, while talkback on the receiver end allows the director to give the camera operator the heads up. Combined with a video splitter for optimal functionality, you can even use the 800TC ENG transmitter to trigger the record function on an external recorder on the receiver’s end!

In The Box

1 x Ghost-Eye 800TC ENG Transmitter
1 x Ghost-Eye 800TC ENG Receiver
1 x Talk back control
1 x 5 pin to XLR connector
7 x Extended High-Range Antennas
1 x Heavy Duty Steel Ball Joint Articulated Arm
2 x Standard Antennas
1 x Waterproof Foam Case for Ghost-Eye 800TC ENG

Additional information

Battery Mount Option

Variety Mount