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5G Extra Large Panel Antenna for Wireless Video 50cm
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5G Extra Large Panel Antenna for Wireless Video 50cm


  • Improved signal strength
  • Larger face than previous panel antenna
  • White color to help prevent over heating



Ghost-Eye Extra Large Panel Antenna will help you get that extra reach you need when on site, the larger face allows signals to get even further than before.

The mounting frame is included giving you versatile options for antenna placement.

The Cinegears Panel Antenna uses an extremely powerful beam to transmit your signal from any Cinegears Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmitter. The Cinegears Panel Antenna will provide up to 3 times your range, and reduce interference with a directional transmission signal. It comes with a universal mounting point to attach to any light stand and five high quality, braided, and exceedingly durable cables used to connect it to your Cinegears Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmitter. This panel antenna is weather sealed for use year-round.

• 5.0-5.8 GHz
• 5x14dBi High Gain Antenna
• Working distance up to 3300ft.
• Centralized signal with reduced interference.
• 5 ports: 3 vertical ports, 2 ±45º ports.
• Dimensions: 14.5 Inch x 14.5 Inch (37cm x 37cm) Diagonal 20.07 Inch ( 51cm)

In The Box

1 x CINEGEARS Extra Large Panel Antenna
5 x Antenna Connection Cables
1 x Transmitter/Receiver  Connection Adapter

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