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2024 New

In 2024, our company has launched a series of exciting new products and a comprehensive upgrade of our existing products. This product update has not only made a breakthrough in appearance design, but also achieved a qualitative leap in function and performance.

These new products fully consider the needs of modern video creation, and provide users with more convenient and efficient creative tools. Both professional video producers and hobbyists will find the tools to suit their needs in these new products.

At the same time, our company is also actively expanding into new business areas in 2024, launching rental services and customer customization services to provide customers with more flexible and convenient solutions. Through leasing services, customers can choose the right products according to their own needs, and enjoy professional maintenance and maintenance services during use, thereby effectively reducing operating costs and improving work efficiency.

In addition, in order to meet the individual needs of customers, we have also launched customer customization services. Through in-depth understanding of our customers’ industry characteristics, business processes and specific needs, we provide tailor-made solutions to ensure that our products and services are perfectly suited to their actual needs.


The field of wireless video transmission is rising rapidly, but the accompanying challenges cannot be ignored. Among them, signal stability and availability become the key factors restricting the quality of video transmission. To solve this problem, our company was the first to design and launch the latest dual polarity wireless transmission antenna array with functional amplification. This antenna uses a unique antenna arrangement design to ensure that both horizontal and vertical signals can be received and transmitted stably and efficiently.

Signal stability is the most important factor for the stability of wireless video transmission. Our antenna not only has excellent signal reception capability, but also is equipped with signal amplification function. This innovative design enables customers to enjoy a more stable and smooth video transmission experience during use to meet the diverse needs of customers.

In addition, our antenna arrays support broadband signals from 0.6Ghz to 7GHz, which not only meets the needs of the current market, but also provides ample room for future upgrades and extensions. This means that customers do not have to change equipment frequently, saving valuable costs and time.


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