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About Cinegears


Cinegears wireless motion control systems and wireless video transmission equipment. Designed for the broadcast, film, and TV industries.

Cine Gears Inc.

Complete Wireless Solution for Film, TV, and Broadcast.

Cine Gears Inc. is the industry leader in wireless motion control systems and wireless video transmission equipment. Working in the broadcasting and film industry, we are the designer, distributor, and technology holder, moving the world of film and broadcasting forward with never before seen products.


Cine Gears Inc. was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose in mind to drive video transmission technology to new heights and provide high-quality professional-grade products. With some of the leading technology in the world, Cinegears is pushing the borders of wireless technology. From day one, Cinegears had led the way with their cutting-edge wireless follow focus kit, only to be preceded by their Wireless Ghost-Eye video Transmission kits. At every turn, there are new designs and new innovations.

When our Wireless Follow Focus hit the market in 2010, it was the first of its kind, a true innovation for the film world. This thinking and ingenuity have not stopped. We are the industry leader for wireless technology and key technology holder for our new and exciting products. These include a Wireless 5G scanner, a new Redundant Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmission kit to ensure that your signal is never dropped and for the first time ever, a 2000-meter range wireless unit!

Cine Gears Inc. moving you forward!

加拿大 CINE GEARS INC.大視科技有限公司產品介紹

Cine Gears Inc 是一家紮根於加拿大廣播電影行業15年的軟件和硬件科技開發公司,於2009年在北京成立大視科技有限公司分公司,2010年成立加拿大開發公司,2014年成立美國技術開發服務公司,已經在北美以及歐洲市場取得巨大成功,受到廣大用戶的認可。我們的技術團隊專注於廣播級和電影級無線視頻,音頻傳輸系統以及無線遠程控制的開發與應用, 以國際領先的軟件和硬件開發系統為不同電視台定制無線解決方案。

Cine Gears Inc 研發高度集成具有無線長距離高清無壓縮視頻傳輸和wireless tally,無線內通(wireless talk back),無線時間碼(wireless time code), 視頻和通話一體傳輸等特有專利技術,在實際應用上採用國際通用5G無線視頻專屬頻段,確保無干擾信號傳輸和接收。可以廣泛應用於專業支持轉播車監控監視,採訪小組獲得實時視頻信息反饋並且直接發送到衛星, 實況轉播監控,導播監控,遠程記者採訪等等項目,向對無線傳輸有特殊需要的部門提供專業技術定制解決方案。

Cinegears Patent Numbers:
– 201530542401.5
– 201530542403.4
– 201530542421.2


As a company, Cine Gears Inc. is a leading pioneer in advanced wireless transmission technology, consistently pushing the limits of possibilities in filmmaking to new heights.

Cine Gears Inc is working with leading wireless manufacturers to create and develop professional equipment for the film and TV industry, all the way from our sky-to-ground Pegasus Cablecam system to our adjustable width mounting brackets.

We stand firmly by our products and provide continuous support to ensure they work in the myriad of circumstances that occur every day on film sets.

We also work with feedback from industry professionals to continue to constantly innovate and improve our products, keeping Cinegears products at the forefront of advanced wireless technologies. Our products are designed to work with all professional cameras and film equipment, including Red, Sony, ARRI, Canon, and Blackmagic.


Our History


Cine Gears Inc. and our long-term partners have worked together to bring you proprietary products that allow us to customize and enhance them to fit our consumers’ needs. Whether you are working in the educational field, trying to stream your church service, or broadcasting a live concert we bring you cross-compatible products for many applications. Our products come with embedded upgrades for both hardware and software making them unique as well as practical.


With the start of the new year came new products. Cine Gears Inc. launched several new designs and products this year that have rapidly grown to become top sellers. The Ghost-Eye 150M V2 is a new take on the old favorite. With its upgraded software, the signal and clarity are unmatched for its range. This is also the year we introduced the world to our one of a kind Omnidirectional 5G cloverleaf antennas as well as our new panel antenna. Boosting our already unmatched range by another 3000 feet!

We proudly showed at NAB 2017 Exhibition in Las Vegas.

Getting back to our roots and wanting to accommodate our target market, we developed and launched a new line of Ghost-Eye kit called the Pro kits. These Pro kits come with everything you would need to ensure success with your wireless unit. Accompanied by three different types of antennas, two different power cables, and a weatherproof, shockproof, versatile case this kit was designed to help the pro filmmaker and create more.


Cine Gears Inc. is working with global business partners CVW China in research and manufacturing to create and develop professional equipment for the film and TV industry.

We were also proud to again be a part of the NAB 2016 Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The world is hungry for virtual reality, and Cinegears is here to help; we have developed a cinema-quality wireless virtual reality headset that can not only compete with but surpasses the competition. Our Ghost-Eye wireless 3D VR headset introduces the concept of experiencing virtual reality without being tethered to a computer or console.

It’s not enough to just view content, we developed a 360 stereoscopic VR camera rig so you can create content yourself.

Add dynamic motion to your project with our new wireless programmable cable camera system.


Whereas wireless follow focus systems used to come in exclusive varieties of having either smooth motion or fast motion, we designed our new system to be able to do both. Gone are the days of packing two separate follow focus systems for different styles of focus control. Control your lens with a single finger with our improved finger wheel, or use a rocker-style controller.

Furthering our involvement in innovating wireless film technologies, we released our Ghost-Eye wireless video transmission systems. Each of the six different Ghost-Eye systems provides unique features that we developed in accordance with feedback from the filmmaking community.


Cinegears was proud to be a part of the NAB 2014 Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The annual NAB exhibition is the world’s largest film, television, and other electronic media equipment demonstration and development expo.
We also took user feedback into consideration to revamp our Single Axis Lens Control kit, making wireless lens control easier and more practical than ever.


Our Multi-Axis lens control system is simpler than ever, and our Single-Axis lens control system is ready for consumer use.
With the simple interface, strong wireless connection, powerful motors, and an in-built wireless receiver, our lens control systems will change the way you look at lens control.


In 2012 we designed and released a professional 3D stereoscopic rig primarily with maneuverability and functionality in mind.
The 3 axis and 6 axis systems are tried and true, being implemented in many Chinese film productions.


Cinegears is founded in Canada.

We designed and produced the first generation of wired and wireless follow focus control systems, capable of safely driving lens focus, iris, and zoom.


A research and development team works behind the scenes with AIVFX, SFAIMO, and Deep Illusion to develop the system that would soon become
our world renowned Wireless Follow Focus products.





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