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Cine Gears Inc.

Cine Gears Inc. was originally founded in 2010, specializing in designing and producing advanced wireless transmission technologies for the use in professional film production. All of the products we offer, from when we were founded to this day, are custom designed in both USA, Canada and China.

With years of development preceding Cinegears opening up for business, we hit the ground running with our custom designed wireless follow focus systems. Now,  not only do we continue to innovate our wireless follow focus systems, but also develop new and exciting film technologies.

Our Ghost-Eye wireless video transmission systems provide HD video broadcasts with practically no latency, our Ghost-Eye wireless 3D VR headset provides immersive cinema quality virtual reality, our stereoscopic 3D camera rig let’s you produce immersive 3D content, and our cable camera rig helps put your production in full momentum. With years of feedback from film producers we continue to innovate new technologies as well as consistently improving on our existing designs. At Cinegears we are not satisfied until our products reach perfection. Our equipment is widely adopted, allowing us to expand to our current size, with 3 branches: our original Canadian branch, a branch in the USA, and a branch in China. Our wireless transmission technologies are in action currently in film productions all around the world.



As a company, Cinegears is a leading pioneer in advanced wireless transmission technology, consistently pushing the limits
of possibilities in film making to new heights.

Cine Gears inc is working with leading wireless manufacturers to create and develop professional equipment for the film and TV industry, all the way from our sky-to-ground Pegasus Cablecam system to our adjustable width mounting brackets.

We stand firmly by our products, and provide continuous support to ensure they work in the myriad of circumstances that occur every day on film sets.
We also work with feedback from industry professionals to continue to constantly innovate and improve our products, keeping Cinegears products at the forefront of advanced wireless technologies. Our products are designed to work with all professional cameras and film equipment, including Red, Sony, ARRI, Canon, and Blackmagic.


Our History


Cine Gears inc is working with global business partners CVW China in research and manufacturing to create and develop professional equipment for the film and TV industry.

We were also proud to again be a part of the NAB 2016 Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The world is hungry for virtual reality, and Cinegears is here to help; we have developed a cinema-quality wireless virtual reality headset that can not only complete with, but surpass the competition. Our Ghost-Eye wireless 3D VR headset introduces the concept of experiencing virtual reality without being tethered to a computer or console.

It’s not enough to just view content, we developed a 360 stereoscopic VR camera rig so you can create content yourself.

Add dynamic motion to your project with our new wireless programmable cable camera system.


Whereas wireless follow focus systems used to come in exclusive varieties of having either smooth motion or fast motion, we designed our new system to be able to do both. Gone are the days of packing two separate follow focus systems for different styles of focus control. Control your lens with a single finger with our improved finger wheel, or use rocker-style controller.

Furthering our involvement in innovating wireless film technologies, we released our Ghost-Eye wireless video transmission systems. Each of the six different Ghost-Eye systems provide unique features that we developed in accordance with feedback from the film making community.


Cinegears was proud to be a part of the NAB 2014 Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The annual NAB exhibition is the world’s largest film, television, and other electronic media equipment demonstration and development expo.
We also took user feedback in to consideration to revamp our Single Axis Lens Control kit, making wireless lens control easier and more practical than ever.


Our Multi-Axis lens control system is simpler than ever, and our Single-Axis lens control system is ready for consumer use.
With the simple interface, strong wireless connection, powerful motors, and an in-built wireless receiver, our lens control systems will change the way you look at lens control.


In 2012 we designed and released a professional 3D stereoscopic rig primarily with maneuverability and functionality in mind.
The 3 axis and 6 axis systems are tried and true, being implemented in many Chinese film productions.


Cinegears is founded in Canada.

We designed and produced the first generation of wired and wireless follow focus control systems, capable of safely driving lens focus, iris, and zoom.


A research and development team works behind the scenes with AIVFX, SFAIMO, and Deep Illusion to develop the system that would soon become
our world renowned Wireless Follow Focus products.

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