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CINE RC 4 x 4 All-Wheel Drive Gimbal Car X Model – Tire Testing

CINE RC 4 x 4 All-Wheel Drive Gimbal Car X Model – Tire Testing
June 11, 2021 CINEGEARS

Gimbal Car X Model

We took our Gimbal Car X Model to different location to see how our tires handle different environments. We noticed that the tracks work best on sand and grassland, the studded winter tires work best on snow and muddy situations, and the standard tires work best on pavement. After years of research and development, Cine Gears has created a new range of Remote Control Gimbal Cars to streamline your film making experience in challenging environments and situations. The all-new 2021 Model features a new remote controller and upgraded electronic motors for increased stability and control.

Using Scenerios

Cine Gears’ Gimbal Car X Model is a versatile remote control vehicle designed to enhance your filmmaking experience in various challenging environments. The Gimbal Car X Model has been tested in different locations with different terrains to ensure its adaptability and effectiveness.

The vehicle comes with various tire options, including tracks, studded winter tires, and standard tires. The tracks work best on sandy and grassy terrains, providing better grip and stability. The studded winter tires are ideal for snowy and muddy conditions, providing excellent traction and control. The standard tires, on the other hand, are perfect for pavements and hard surfaces, providing a smooth ride and better maneuverability.

The Gimbal Car X Model’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for filmmakers, photographers, and videographers who require a stable and reliable platform for their cameras. The vehicle can be used in various scenarios, including outdoor and indoor shoots, low-angle shots, and tracking shots. The Gimbal Car X Model can be controlled remotely, allowing you to operate it from a distance and capture unique camera angles.

The all-new 2021 Model features an upgraded electronic motor for increased stability and control, making it easier to maneuver the vehicle in challenging terrains. The new remote controller provides better control over the vehicle’s movements, allowing for smoother and more precise camera movements.

In summary, Cine Gears’ Gimbal Car X Model is a versatile and reliable remote control vehicle that can be used in various shooting scenarios. Its adaptability to different terrains, tire options, and upgraded features make it an excellent choice for filmmakers seeking a stable platform for their cameras.


CINEGEARS RC 4 x 4 All-Wheel Drive Gimbal Car X Model