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Ghost Eye V2: The Next Milestone in Wireless Transmission

Ghost Eye V2: The Next Milestone in Wireless Transmission
November 28, 2016 cinegears


Cinegears Ghost Eye video transmitters now offer the longest transmission range in the industry, with an exceptional distance-to-price ratio. The Ghost Eye 400M V2 unit, with components included in the standard kit, transmits uncompressed 10-bit video with no latency over 1000 meters, omnidirectional. Add in the new Cinegears extended antennas and the 400M transmits over 1 mile, omnidirectional.

The always popular Ghost Eye 150M units, now V2, transmits up to 300 meters. The transmission is omnidirectional but remember that the receivers feature directional panel antennas built in to their chassis! The robust 300M units now transmit up to 700 meters, omnidirectional, and their receivers are also omnidirectional.

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