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Cine Gears Inc. is proud to announce its new membership plan for all current and future customers! Cinegears Membership is designed for the professional user to be able to be apart of an ever-growing group.

Becoming a Cine Gears Member will allow you to have access to deals and promos that are not available to the general public; as well as enjoy our new points rewards program! for every purchase you make you will receive 5% of that purchase in point to your account, collect enough points and your next order could be free of charge.

You will also hear news of new products and have the opportunity to pre-order them before they hit the market. New members will also be eligible for an automatic $30 coupon to be used at your convinces; to give you an idea of what that can get you, our 5G Cloverleaf set of 2 antennas retail for $25 dollars.

With this membership also come convinces and ease. You will create and update your membership dashboard with all your information making check out a breeze. We live in such a busy and fast paced world it is always nice to be able to streamline everyday tasks. Becoming a Cinegears Member has also never been easier, you can create your account on our website or have it linked up to any one of your social media account enabling you to view and share products on multiple platforms.

Now with our new Cinegears App, you can be connected anywhere; be apart of the bigger group and even collaborate on ideas in our Cine Gears Forum. With this exclusive app, you will be able to search for ongoing events and connect with people in new ways not seen before.

This could be your new source for additional work, or even an opportunity to connect with those you may not have been able to before.

Get our Cinegears Membership and enjoy the exclusive coupons and benefit Today!
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