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5G 45° Angle Pyramidal Horn Antenna

5G 45° Angle Pyramidal Horn Antenna




This 5G 45° Angle Horn Antenna has GAIN(19-21)dBi across the band and a square cover flange. It has a frequency of (5.85-8.20)GHz

This 5G 45° Angle Horn Antenna is known as a waveguide horn covers WG14, WR137, R70 bands. It is manufactured using the precision electrode cut copper sections providing accurate, consistent and reliable performance.

This antenna is suitable for Antenna Ranges ;  Antenna Gain Measurements; SystemSetups.

This antenna has a V-Plane & H-plane beamwidth from 30 degrees to 35 degrees.



  • Precision machining and gold plating
  • Low standing wave ratio
  • light in mass
  • Linear polarization
  • Low echo loss
  • Rectangular waveguide interface
  • Low sidelobes and symmetric radiation



Frequency Range (GHz):    5.85-8.20
Gain (dB): 15 Typ.
HPBW: H-Plane 30°/V-Plane 30°
Waveguide type: WR137
Material: Al
Output: FBP70

N-F or SMA-F



In the Box:
* 1x 5G Pyramidal Horn Antenna 45° Angle

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