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VR 3D Player 16-Channel Binaural Audio Recorder
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VR 3D Player 16-Channel Binaural Audio Recorder

  • 2 x V or AB quick-release battery mounts.
  • External power control button.
  • 6 x built in temperature regulating fans.
  • Heavy duty carrying handles.
Instruction Manual


The 16-Channel Binaural Audio Recorder has 16 channels of microphones from 8 different directions, each pointed at a 45° angle from the adjacent one. It can record 48k/24bit and mix the output of the sound field which has precise information on directions, distances, and movements. The Audio Recorder is an industry standard sound recorder, and reproduces sound fields to provide a highly realistic and immersive audio experience.

Product Quick Start Guide



  • Natural HRTF dummy head structure with lineaments for capturing realistic, optimized panoramic sound
  • Panoramic sound recording including direction, distance, and movement information
  • Simple one-button control
  • Multiple formats for post-production
  • Retain vivid head structure and lineament factor
  • 8X, 16-track, 48k 24bit lossless recording
  • Smart operation in one step
  • Compatible with VR cameras
  • Professional lossless sound info recording
  • Panoramic sound info in VR audio
  • Customized VR audio post-production
  • Easy to use high-fidelity recording
  • Built-in 3.5mm 3D audio output with real-time monitor
  • UHS Class 10 SD memory card for insurance capacity


Record professional-grade lossless audio with the 16-Channel Binaural Audio Recorder.

The perfect solution for virtual reality panoramic sound recording.



Height 60 cm
Diameter 27 cm
Weight 4 KG
Audio Quality 48k 24 bit Sound-Field Recording
Number of Sound Tracks 16 Sound Tracks with Manual/Automatic Gain Function
Compatibility Main-Stream VR Cameras
Battery Life 4 hours
Power 15 W
Voltage 12 V
Supported SD Cards 95 mb/s
Capacity 6000 mAh
Charger Only accepts included charger; 12 V
Recording Format WAV


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