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5G Panel Antenna 40cm

5G Panel Antenna 40cm


  • Triple your range with up to 3300ft working distance.
  • Compatible with any CINEGEARS Ghost-Eye Transmitter.
  • Universal mounting point for light stand



The Cinegears Panel Antenna uses an extremely powerful beam to transmit your signal from any Cinegears Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmitter. The Cinegears Panel Antenna will provide up to 3 times your range, and reduce interference with a directional transmission signal. It comes with a universal mounting point to attach to any light stand and five high quality, braided, and exceedingly durable cables used to connect it to your Cinegears Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmitter. This panel antenna is weather sealed for use year-round.

• 5.0-5.8 GHz
• 5x14dBi High Gain Antenna
• Working distance up to 3300ft.
• Centralized signal with reduced interference.
• 5 ports: 3 vertical ports, 2 ±45º ports.
• Dimensions: 12.04×12.04 Inches (30.6CMx30.6CM) / Diagonal 16.14 Inches (41CM)

In The Box

1 x CINEGEARS Panel Antenna
5 x Antenna Connection Cables
1 x Transmitter/Receiver  Connection Adapter

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