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CINEGEARS Pegasus Cablecam XL
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  • Pegasus Cablecam XL
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CINEGEARS Pegasus Cablecam XL


Instruction Manual

CINEGEARS Pegasus Cablecam XL  has a dual power mode and has the fastest speed of 6 meters per second with 3 kilograms payload. Alternately, Pegasus Cablecam XL can run 1.3 meters per second with 20 kilograms max payload. It comes with everything you need to shoot professional-grade time-lapse shots, on one cable, double cables, tracks, or even the ground!

A revolutionary technology, this bidirectional unit is fully pre-programmable with the Cinegears Cable Cam controller and features obtrusion sensors to prevent unwanted collisions.

The ultra-silent motor is not disruptive on set, and the double cable mode drastically increases stability and safety.
With an impressive payload and advanced motion-halting technology ensures that it stops precisely and accurately every time.

The Pegasus is compatible with DJI Ronin, MoVI, Letus, Helix, and all other major gimbals via the included universal dovetail, and the kit comes with REC triggers for all major professional film (e.g., Sony FS7, Blackmagic URSE, ARRI Alexa, Red Epic) and DSLR cameras (e.g., Canon 5D, Nikon D70, and Sony Alpha 99).

Comes with a laser-cut custom weatherproof carrying case.


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