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Professional Motorized Motion Control Kit
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Professional Motorized Motion Control Kit


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The CINEGEARS Motion Control System has three components.
It has a controller that most CINEGEARS customers will be familiar with. It also has a, high performance and durable motor to drive any slider. The final component is a plate that is compatible with almost any camera.

The Controller

A light weight and durable controller with simplified controls. Those familiar with other CINEGEARS products will notice the same quality and familiar buttons. The controller sports a back lit screen where you can enter all your parameters. You also have the ability to switch between automatic and manual modes.

The Motor

The motor is the centerpiece of the system. It synch’s easily to the controller with the push of a button. It is so powerful it can drive a slider vertically. It has a couple different connection methods to ensure the gear and rubber belt are tight regardless of your set up. You connect the motor to your slider with standard screws as well as with a rubber belt and a gear. Attach the high grade rubber belt to the aluminum and steel alloy gear to drive your slider. This is the perfect set up for set it and forget it time lapse cinematography and photography.

The Camera Plate

The plate is compatible with almost any camera. It has two safety stops, one on each side, to stop the plate at the end of the slider which protects the motor from burning out. The plate connects to the motor with a 5-pin Lemo cable, and has a level bubble to make sure your shots are straight.