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CINEGEARS Mini Wireless Follow Focus Controller

CINEGEARS Mini Wireless Follow Focus Controller




Control your lens focus, iris, or zoom wirelessly with precision from up to 60 meters away for up to 8 continuous shooting hours per charge with a Cinegears Wireless Mini Controller. Feel the focus with a detachable larger focus wheel, and switch easily between 15 digital transition speeds and 2 focus presets. This controller’s small size and remote REC (start/stop) trigger makes it perfect for solo operations, jib, steady cam, or dolly shots.

The unit has a built in Panasonic Rechargeable Battery that provides up to 8 working hours of power. 15 selectable digital speeds for a smooth transition from 2 focus presets. You won’t find anything more compact or functional. Pick up this ultra durable unit from the store.
It is the smallest wireless solution for solo camera operations. The unit sports a RECORD trigger, a small LED screen, a focus wheel, and the ability to store up to two focus presets.


– Small, Light, Durable finger wheel

– Full sized wheel

– LED screen to show focus depth

– Set up to two focus presets

– Remote REC trigger

– 100 Meter Wireless control Range

– Mountable Side bracket

– Adjustable finger wheel

– USB charging and 8 Hour internal battery

– Compact design

– Solid aluminum uni-body construction


– Length: 11.5cm
– Width: 4cm
– Height: 2.7cm
– Weights: 162g
– Materials: Aluminum alloy

What is included

-1 x Finger Wheel Controller
-1 x USB cable
-1x Full sized wheel
-1 x Side bracket for controller
-Mounting accessories
espresso controller kit

Additional information

What is included

– 1x Finger Wheel Controller
– 1x USB cable
– 1x Full sized wheel
– 1x Side bracket for controller
– Mounting accessories

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