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CINEGEARS V-Mount Quad Charger Power Station with Discharger (14V DC Output)

CINEGEARS V-Mount Quad Charger Power Station with Discharger (14V DC Output)


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Product Description:

Charge up to four batteries simultaneously with the Cinegears V-Mount Quad-Charger Power Station. Switch the unit to DC output mode to use its two 14.8V DC outputs. Perfect for LED light panels or long-term camera power. This unit features power surge protection, under and over charge and discharge protection, and is internally cooled with a powerful-yet-quiet fan. Keep an eye on charging status with separate indicators for each battery. This unit is light-weight yet robust, featuring a solid handle for easy portability.

DC adapter function

  • DC Input battery 4×14.8V
  • 14V DC Output
  • Power 360W
  • Surge Protected
  • Overcharge Protected
  • Undercharge Protected
  • Over-discharge Protected

Charger function

  • Charging Input: 100-240V AC (47-63Hz)
  • Charging Output: 4x 16.8V/2.0A
  • Charge four pieces battery simultaneously
  • Dimension: 297mm(L)/132mm(W)/205mm(H)
  • Weight: 2600 g

Discharger function

  • Discharges your battery to the appopriate level


  • Charge 4 batteries simultaneously
  • Switch to DC output mode to use as a mobile power source
  • Output up to 14V
  • Industrial power surge protection for charging and DC output
  • Independent charge indicators for each battery slot
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Discharge battery


In the Box

  • 1 x V-Mount Quad Charger Power Station with Discharger (14V DC Output)


  1. Please read the instruction before use.
  2. Charge with the specific charger for Li-ion battery only.
  3. The range of charging temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C.
  4. Do not disassemble, pierce, strong impact or shock battery. Do not expose battery in sunlight, water or fire, do not short circuit battery.


Cinegears V-mount batteries reviewed by Tom Antos


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