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Ghost-Eye 1000M Wireless HDMI and SDI Video Transmission with HD Wireless Video Receiver
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Ghost-Eye 1000M Wireless HDMI and SDI Video Transmission with HD Wireless Video Receiver


  • Up to 1000 (3200 feet) meters transmission range.
  • Connect to unlimited receivers
  • Hardware-encrypted broadcast-quality video
  • 110KM /Hour fast-moving subject compatible.
  • Signal of arriving in all its 10-bit, 4:2:2, 3840×2160.
  • Transmitting video with 60FPS, no latency, no compression.
  • Compatible with 5GHz Amplifier, Live 5GHz Spectrum Scanning.
  • Featuring Synchronization data, Metadata, Time Code, PTZ commands.
  • Bring real-time Redundant signal management, Backup, Power management.



1000M Wireless Video Transmission Kit with built-in panel antenna


Cinegears Wireless Video Transmission Systems have customizable software to fit the needs of any broadcasting environment. This proprietary technology is exclusive to Cine Gears Inc. and has been successfully used by BBC, CCTV, NHK, CNN, ABC, Show Cables, etc. for their major live broadcasting events. Cinegears Wireless Video has proven to be the best choice in wireless video transmission and live broadcasting streaming.



  • Zero Latency Wireless HD video and audio transmission over 600 meters (2000 feet)
  • Transmits 1080p resolution at up to 60fps with 10-bit 4:2:2 color
  • HDMI/SDI Cross Conversion with SDI Loop-Out on Tx and RX
  • Limited REC Start/Stop Functionality
  • Fully supports 3G SDI type A and 3G SDI type B
  • Unlimited number of Ghost-Eye Receivers
  • Full cross-compatibility with other Ghost-Eye models
  • Auto-relink once transmitter is carried back within range
  • Powered by 2-Pin Lemo to D-Tap
  • Heavy duty casing with durable inset SDI ports to prevent damage

In The Box

1 x Ghost-Eye 1000M Transmitter
1 x Ghost-Eye 1000M HD Wireless Video Receiver
2 x SDI cables
1 x Articulated arm joint
2 x 2-Pin Lemo to D-Tap power cables
2 x Extended Range Antennas
1 x Waterproof Foam Case


Additional information

What is included

1 x 150M Video Transmitter
1 x 150M Video Receiver
2 x Paddle Antenna
2 x 2-Pin Lemo Power Cable for 150M System
2 x Cinegears 15mm-27mm Mounting Bracket
1 x Waterproof Foamed Case for Ghost Eye 150M

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