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STEADYARM – PRO Hydraulic Flex Stabilizer
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STEADYARM – PRO Hydraulic Flex Stabilizer


180 degrees of single-axis freedom
Aluminum alloy construction
Max payload: 15kg
Total weight under 5 kg
Multiple mounting options
Hydraulic spring dampener
Mounting range 48-52mm
360-degree vibration stability


Complete wireless solution

The Steady Arm – PRO Hydraulic Flex Stabilizer is a state-of-the-art stability system. It is composed of the main arm spring, 2 added adjustable springs for control of the roll axis, one adjustable hydraulic support rod, and the wireframe shock absorber. With a maximum payload of up to 15KG, this system can handle cameras of all shapes and sizes.

The Steady Arm PRO can handle all kinds of filming environments and can be installed on cars, ships, snowmobiles or any other type of vehicle (Grip Force Vehicle Suction Mounts Sold separately).

Used to withstand vibration from high-speed vehicles or uneven terrain; providing maximum shock absorption and stability from 360-degree vibration.

It can be mounted to a standard 48-52mm pipe/rod system with the two clamps that come with the stabilizing arm or can be combined with the SteadyArm Grip Force .

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