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STEADYARM L Mounting Bracket
  • 8-004_Shock_Absorbing_Arm_L_mount
  • 8-004_Shock_Absorbing_Arm_L_mount
  • 8-004_Shock_Absorbing_Arm_08
  • 8-005_STEADYARM_MINI_Shock_Absorbing_Stabilizer
  • 8-005_STEADYARM_MINI_Shock_Absorbing_Stabilizer_05
  • 8-005_STEADYARM_MINI_Shock_Absorbing_Stabilizer_06

STEADYARM L Mounting Bracket





The Steady Arm L Mounting bracket brings your Steady Arm Stabilizers to life by providing a mount for automobiles and RC Gimbal Car applications. Equipped with 1’4 to 20 and 3/8th threaded holes you’ll be able to mount your Steady Arm to your vehicle or Gimbal Car ensuring that you get the shot you desire on the platform that best serves your production.



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