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Wireless Prime Wireless HDMI Video Transmission Full-HD Kit Mini Model
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit_Rx
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit_Rx_Back
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit_Tx
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit_Tx_Back
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit_Bottom
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit_Tx_IR_probe
  • 5-325_Full_HD_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit_Rx_IR_probe
  • 5-326_4K_Wireless_Transmitter_Kit-_AC

Wireless Prime Wireless HDMI Video Transmission Full-HD Kit Mini Model

Instruction Manual


  • Support HDMI 3D format and 1080p wireless transmission

  • Transmitter side with HDMI loop through output

  • Less than 500ms low latency

  • Support IR extending function

  • HDCP compliant

  • Room to room HD wireless transmission

  • Up to 30M L.O.S long distance transmission

  • Low power consumption

Additional information

What is included

1 x 150M Video Transmitter
1 x 150M Video Receiver
2 x Paddle Antenna
2 x 2-Pin Lemo Power Cable for 150M System
2 x Cinegears 15mm-27mm Mounting Bracket
1 x Waterproof Foamed Case for Ghost Eye 150M

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