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Steadyplus Gimbal Car

Steadyplus Gimbal Car
October 31, 2016 cinegears

Introducing the all-new Gimbal Car by Steadyplus.

This high-performance Gimbal car goes up to 80 kmh and features a 3-point suspension system that ensures maximum stability with a payload up to 9.5 kg!

Completely wireless and functional with nearly any Gimbal.

Car Packages

Available as a standard package or as the complete Rover package.

featuring an additional set of two all-terrain treads and two front skis.
The basic kit can be upgrade to the complete Rover kit at any time with the purchase of an additional all-terrain Rover package.


  • Interchangeable wheels, snowboards, and treads offering perfect stability and control on any terrain.
  • Fastest Gimbal car on the market with a top speed of 80 km/h.
  • Waterproof and dust proof motor and transmission system, powered with dual 4S Li-Ion batteries with maximum  28 V power out put.
  • One of a kind stabilization system with 3 separate sets of suspension, including built-in heave duty stabilization platform Impressive 9.5 kg payload with a total weight under 12 kg..
  • Flexible carbon fiber body, resilient to warping due to stress, temperature, or other environmental factors
  • Custom heavy-duty wheel rim, with separate tire tread and inner tube for professional functionality
  • 2.4 G hz Remote control range up to 5 km to 10 KM.
  • Built-in quick-release Gimbal mount for Ronin Gimbals, and MoVI Gimbal compatible (MoVI plate sold separately).
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life with recommended battery options and settings.
  • Customizable programmable performance setting with different battery set ups, 4S, 6S, and 8S Li-Ion are supported.
  • 3 year limited warranty with 5 year power-train guarantee.
  • Great for capturing wildlife, or other potentially unsafe environments, Accesses places that a car or a drone could never travel.

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