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Our Newest Releases!


HEX: Adjustable VR 360 Rig


The HEX Adjustable VR 360 Camera System by Cinegears allows you to record 360° VR video with a variety of cameras. Very customizable, this 6-10 camera rig works with VideoStitch software, allowing you to actively monitor your 3D recordings with a receiver.
Works with Sony A7R II, A7S, Blackmagic Design Micro Studio 4K cinema cameras, 101 cameras, or GH4 cameras, depending on the demands of the users task and budget. – Watch Video / Read More




Steadyplus Gimbal Car

Introducing the all-new Steadyplus Gimbal Car. This high-performance Gimbal car accelerates up to 80 kmh and features a 3-point suspension system that ensures maximum stability with a payload up to 9.5 kg! Weighing under 12 kg, completely wireless, and functional with nearly any Gimbal.
Brushless motors to conserve energy and reduce noise pollution, dual 5500 mAh 40 C 14.8 lithium batteries, a one year limited warranty, and a wide axle base to maximize traction in high speed cornering! – Watch Video / Read More


Pegasus Cablecam


The Pegasus by Cinegears is reinventing cable cam systems by offering full bi-direction control on single cables, double cables, and even the ground! Exceptionally responsive, and incredibly pre-programmable, the Pegasus is unlike any other cable cam before it.
Weighs under 1 kg, 1km wireless range of sight, dual Sony F-970 battery to keep it running for up to 24 hours, a payload of 20 kg up to a maximum grade of 30° on the cable and 10° on the ground, and a forward motion detection system to prevent unwanted collisions with track obtrusions. – Read More



Ghost-Eye 400M.E

All the functions of the Ghost Eye 400m, but with added security encryption! Broadcast and transmit privately, confidentially, and protected between your transmitter and receiver to ensure that your data is not piggybacked, bootlegged, or pirated.
The encrypted message is not compressed or compromised in any way. Has the 4 channel adaptability of previous models, but with the added benefit of complete encryption of data. – Read More




HEX_Video_ThumbCinegears Hex VR Rig Concept Rendering 3D_Mini_Rig_Video_ThumbUnboxing the Cinegears 3D Mini Rig by Cory G Uwe_Boll_Video_ThumbUwe Boll Raw and Ghost Eye, Rampage 3
Razers-Edge-Youtube-Video-Image-2.0Razor’s Edge EP06 – Panasonic Varicam LT, Cinegears Wireless Follow Focus Folloe-focus-Hugh-BrownstoneFollow Focus Review by Hugh Brownstone from Three Blind Men and an Elephant Cinegears Wireless Follow Focus System Review by Tom Antos
GhostEye-Trans_Review_Cinegears_Youtube_Small_ThumbGhost-Eye Wireless Video Transmission System Review On Set Trans_GhostEye_Review_Youtube_Small_ThumbWireless Video Transmission System Review By Geoff Rogers Video-Trans_150M_Youtube_Small_ThumbWireless Video 150M Kit and Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K

GHOST-EYE 150M wireless video transmission Kit Review By DOP Single Axis Standard Wireless Follow Focus Kit Operations Guide Wireless Video Transmission 400M Kit Review
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