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CINEGEARS High Power LI-PO Battery Connector Pack
  • CINEGEARS_23’’_High_Power_LI-PO_Battery_Parallel_Connector _02
  • CINEGEARS_7’’_High_Power_LI-PO_Battery_Serial_Connector
  • CINEGEARS_7’’_High_Power_LI-PO_Battery_Serial_Connector _02
  • CINEGEARS_23’’_High_Power_LI-PO_Battery_Parallel_Connector
  • CINEGEARS_23’’_High_Power_LI-PO_Battery_Parallel_Connector _03

CINEGEARS High Power LI-PO Battery Connector Pack




The wire material is very soft silicone heat resistant up to 200 degrees antiflaming.Connect up to six batteries in Parallel & Serial Connectors, total capacity boosted to 12S.

Serial connector features:

Two male connector heads

Wire gage: 10AWG

Length: 7’’

Parallel connector features:

Three male inputs to one female output

Wire gage: 10AWG on splitters & 8 AWG on main cable

Length: 23’’

In the box:

  • 3 X Serial Connectors
  • 2 X Parallel Connectors

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