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4000S HDMI and SDI 5GHz Wireless Video Transmission Kit Hand Held Model
  • 4000S_HDMI_and_SDI_5GHz_Wireless_Video_Transmission_Kit_Hand_Held_Model_6
  • 4000S_HDMI_and_SDI_5GHz_Wireless_Video_Transmission_Kit_Hand_Held_Model_5
  • 4000S_HDMI_and_SDI_5GHz_Wireless_Video_Transmission_Kit_Hand_Held_Model-2
  • 4000S_HDMI_and_SDI_5GHz_Wireless_Video_Transmission_Kit_Hand_Held_01Model-2
  • 4000S_HDMI_and_SDI_5GHz_Wireless_Video_Transmission_Kit_Hand_Held_Model_7
  • 4000S_HDMI_and_SDI_5GHz_Wireless_Video_Transmission_Kit_Hand_Held_Model_8
  • 4000S_HDMI_and_SDI_5GHz_Wireless_Video_Transmission_Kit_Hand_Held_Model_9

4000S HDMI and SDI 5GHz Wireless Video Transmission Kit Hand Held Model



Product Features

Thunder is a wireless HD video transmission device with wall-mounted, non-line-of-sight transmission features,supporting up to 1080P/60Hz video resolution. This system is based on 1.4Ghz wireless network technology for transmission. Image processing is performed using H.264 coding-decoding technology, and thus the images are clearer and the latency is lower.

Brief Introduction

High-quality low-latency video footage

This product supports HD-SDI&3G-SDI input and output as well as HDMI full-HD input and output, with the highest resolution of 1080P/60Hz. With the use of H.264 coding-decoding technology with high compression ratio and high definition, the images have high definition, and the latency is as low as 70ms.

Wall-mounted and non-line-of-sight transmission features

This product is designed based on 1.4Ghz wireless network technology. The lower frequency makes it have better penetrating characteristics and can be transmitted under non-line-of-sight conditions, and this frequency is not easy to be interfered by the external environment.

Point-to-point mode and streaming mode

This product supports switching between two operating modes, namely point-to-point mode and RTSP streaming mode. In point-to-point mode, the video output interface is HDMI or SDI. In RTSP streaming mode, the video streaming interface is RJ45 network interface. There are more options for different applications.

RS232 transparent transmission

This product supports RS232 transparent transmission, which is convenient for users to control the transmitting terminal through the device at the receiving terminal, such as the PTZ.