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Cinegears Hex VR Rig

Hex Adjustable VR 360 Camera Rig System


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Universally Compatible

The Hex 360 VR camera rig system is a revolutionary design for the VR filming industry. With a completely modular design, you choose what the Hex is capable of. The rig is designed to mount any camera, with custom modular components to control mount position and angle.

The Hex can work with any camera on your bench, including industry leaders  such as Arri Mini, Red Raven, Canon C300, Sony A7, Fs5, Blackmagic Design Micro Studio 4K cameras, BMPCC, IOI cameras, GH4, or GoPro cameras.

Customize your rig even further with complete lens compatibility; the Hex is fully capable of housing the best glass in the world, through APA-C, Super 35, and Full frame sensor lenses. Choose fish-eye or wide angle lenses to tailor your camera choice


Professional Superior Craftsmanship

Each Hex rig is made with extreme precision in mind, with it’s uni-body design. The centerpoint of each rig is precise within the perfectly symmetrical design.
Each mounting bracket features ingrained measurement systems for perfect angles on each frame. The Hex is built for heavy-duty application, featuring sturdy rubber feet and durable lifting handles on top.


3D Capable

For standard 4K 360 VR filming, mount 3, 6, or 8 cameras to capture the scene unfolding in all directions.

The Hex does not stop there; take your shot to the extreme by using our modular design to film stereoscopic 3D 360 VR. The Hex can house up to 16 cameras to provide full 3D 360 capture in true 4K resolution.


Modular Design

Our entirely modular Hex rig is designed for professionals from top to bottom. The rig is powered by professional V-lock batteries through a custom-designed power distributor capable of powering all the cameras in your rig simultaneously. The rig features an On/Off switch to provide simultaneous control over all inner-mounted cameras, and built-in silent cooling fans.
Using our custom-designed L-shape mounting brackets, control your camera position and angle with perfect precision.

The Rig uses space efficiently, while allowing for extreme modular customization to suit every production. Use our custom bracket to mount cinema filters (4 x 5.65, or 6 x 6) for each shooting direction. Keep your rig level with the modular 3-axis leveler, custom designed for the Hex.

The Hex rig allows users to fully customize their capture rig, from the number of cameras they want to use to the size of camera and lens; your rig is not limited by the size, shape, or functionality of the Hex.

Works in tandem with the Ghost-eye V1 VR3D Player HMD for seamless pipeline.


Product Description

Hex 360 VR Capture Rig Base plate

The base plate for the Hex contains sliding mounts for 8 L-shaped mounting brackets that allow for the custom housing of up to 16 cameras.

The base plate has a circular center marker that helps the user align each camera, and the adjustable L-brackets allow for extremely precise adjustments; the advanced variability of the mount guarantees that both large and small cameras fit on the base plate, and allows the mounting of two cameras side by side in a single panel.

The entire base plate is a single, CNC machined piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, precisely engineered for heavy-duty professional use.



  • Mounts for 8 adjustable L-brackets for the best customization.
  • Allows for housing up to 16 cameras.
  • Circular center marker for professional-precision adjustments.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit.



Hex 360 VR Capture Rig Side Hood Kit

The Cinegears Hex Side Hood is for the Hex Adjustable VR 360 Camera Rig System. CNC-cut, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring precise fit, with optimized durability required for professional film use. Containing 6 panel windows for your cameras, this side hood allows for precise light-level control. Can house 4.5×5.56″ or 6×6″ filters for precise exposure control.

-Durable design protects your internal cameras.
-Wide panels allow for mounting of 2 cameras on one side.
-Can house 4×5.56 or 6×6 inch filters.


Hex 360 VR Capture Rig Top Panel

Crafted out of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum with a unibody design, this top panel features 2 ergonomic handles for transportation and adjustment, and 2 production battery quick release mounts (V, or AB) for centralized battery power supply. The top panel has 6 silent built-in fans for temperature regulation. The top panel also includes an On/Off switch allowing for simultaneous power control for all inner-contained cameras.



  • 2 x V or AB quick-release battery mounts.
  • External power control button.
  • 6 x built in temperature regulating fans.
  • Heavy duty carrying handles.


Hex 360 VR Rig Video


In The Box

  • 1 x Hex 360 VR Base Plate
  • 1 x Hex 360 VR Top Panel
  • 6 x Hex 360 VR Side Hoods
  • 8 x L-Shaped Mounting Brackets
  • 2 x Vertical Mounting Brackets
  • 1 x Assembly Screw Kit
[/tab][tab title=”In The Box” icon=”icon-icon1″ id=”tab-2″] 1 x Hex 360 VR Base Plate
1 x Hex 360 VR Top Panel
6 x Hex 360 VR Side Hoods
8 x L-Shaped Mounting Brackets
2 x Vertical Mounting Brackets
1 x Assembly Screw Kit
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