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12M Superman Jib
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12M Superman Jib


Instruction Manual

Secced 3-069 Overview

The Secced 12M Superman Crane is a camera jib with 32.8’ total arm length and 27.2’ maximum lens height. The jib comes with a slip ring for remote head pan movement and is designed for an ENG camera with a Canon or Fuji lens.

The remote head has a maximum payload of 44 lb. You can control the pan and tilt movements of the remote head, adjusting the speed and damp of pan and tilt movements. It can control either Canon or Fuji lenses, offering both zoom/focus/iris control and zoom speed adjustments. It can also reverse the direction of zoom and focus.

The crane system features a tilt and pan lock for safety and comes with a heavy-duty tripod and dolly for stability. It comes with a base and post for added stability, and features a V-mount interface for attaching a battery. The crane system can be used in movies, concerts, reality shows, etc., for big studio or outdoor productions.

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