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Secced Reach Plus 2 Kit with Two-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod & Fluid Head
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Secced Reach Plus 2 Kit with Two-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod & Fluid Head



Secced 3-028 Overview

The SECCED Reach Plus 2 Kit comprises of the SC-DV/CF75D two-stage carbon fiber video tripod with ground spreader, SC-DV10/75RP fluid video head, and SC-PB10 pan bar. This tripod system offers a maximum payload up to 25.1 lb, with support for ENG configuration and film-ready HDV cameras. The tripod comes equipped with a ground spreader. The legs can be adjusted to provide a height ranging from 15.7 to 57.9″ (with ground spreader) and 19.3 to 55.9″ (with mid-level spreader). It features a speed locking system that ensures quick setup.

The fluid head’s drag system provides a smooth operation with a graded adjustment that ensures fast change of tilt and pan drag. It also features a quick release mechanism that ensures quick mounting or dismounting of the camera. A step-type counterbalance system allows for fast camera balance without continuously changing to find the right amount of counterbalance. The head features a 75mm integrated ball. All main parts are made from CNC high-quality precision, ensuring reliability and improving fluid head performance substantially. High-quality hard plastic is used in all plastic parts of the fluid head, enhancing rigidity under all types of production conditions.