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Double Handed Handheld Stabilizer With Spring Shock Absorber
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Double Handed Handheld Stabilizer With Spring Shock Absorber




The Double-Handed Stabilizer with Spring Shock absorber is perfect for quick moving and running shots while integrating seamlessly with Ronin S. The handle boasts an anti-slip rubber grip for maximum comfortability and is machined specifically for Arri Standard Rosette gear. With a load-bearing capacity of 6kilograms and double shock absorption stabilization is easy. The Double-Handed Stabilizer rotates 360 degrees without an unusable angel. Disassembly is quick which aids in fall prevention. The system incorporates a 65mm manganese steel spring and brags the spring surface is strengthened through a process known as oil quenching. Resilience is good, with no deformity, looseness, or gap, enhancing the overall stability effect.


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