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Medium Two-Stage Stabilizing Arm
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Medium Two-Stage Stabilizing Arm





The Medium Two-Stage Stabilizing Arm is Designed for single-operator run and gun shooting. This two-stage medium size stabilization arm works great with DJI Ronin S and handheld stabilizers.

The operator usually controls and stabilizes the one-handed three-axis stabilizer single-handedly. Although it has good stability and flexibility, it takes a long time for the body to move during the shooting process to capture the desired moving image. In this way, a large amount of arm force is needed to complete the whole mobile shooting process, which seriously influences both the shooting process and effect of the operator because of the lack of arm force. Therefore, the use of a Medium Two-Stage Stabilizing Arm is a good solution to the problem of insufficient arm strength. Just use the hand to control the direction of shooting, to provide photographers with great convenience, making shooting easier.

The Medium Two-Stage Stabilizing Arm is usually used with Arri Dovetail Style Stabilizing Vest.  The Arri Dovetail Style Stabilizing Vest is designed with a shoulder strap, waist cushion, aluminum alloy load-bearing plate and aluminum alloy bearing plate.

The system is comfortable to wear, preventing any sense of pressure. An adjustable waist size makes it suitable for different operators, providing them a better overall user experience.

The system supports load-bearing 5.5KG photography equipment and can be installed directly to small cameras, and SLR cameras. With a single hand-held electronic stabilizer or hand-held balance rod (Amar) the stability effect is further enhanced.

Easy to carry and easy to operate, the system significantly reduces jitter when moving and releases the weight borne by one hand to make shooting more stable, long-lasting, and even lighter.