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Ghost-Eye Full-HD Redundant Management RMS Switcher
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Ghost-Eye Full-HD Redundant Management RMS Switcher


  • Revolutionary new system to ensure your live feed will be the best signal possible
  • Active switching between receivers when as needed to ensure the stream is not lost

The Ghost-Eye Redundant Management RMS Receiver is an integral part of the revolutionary Redundant Management System. The Receiver works best as a pair and utilizes proprietary circuitry to update the RMS Switcher which in turn offers users stability that is needed when working with live action.


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What is included

1 x 150M Video Transmitter
1 x 150M Video Receiver
2 x Paddle Antenna
2 x 2-Pin Lemo Power Cable for 150M System
2 x Cinegears 15mm-27mm Mounting Bracket
1 x Waterproof Foamed Case for Ghost Eye 150M