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Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Receiver With Build in Screen and Real Time 5G Channel Scanner

Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Receiver With Build in Screen and Real Time 5G Channel Scanner


  • Real-time 5G scanner
  • Simple to use
  • Know what channel to operate on
  • Price upon request, customization required

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You will no longer have to wonder if you can find an open channel to transmit on, with this new 5G scanner, it will look at feedback for our Cinegears channels and show you what will have your best option.

In addition, the scanner doubles as a receiver, with a built-in monitor as well.

  • Real-time dynamic 5G band wireless channel scanner
  • Switchable scanner and receiver mode
  • Know channel status
  • Encrypted video supported
  • Dynamic reporter mark
  • build in 10 inch LED screen


The engineers and creative heads behind all of our products design things with the common filmmaker in mind, what would best suit their needs. Just as our Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmission System was a leap forward in film making, our Cinegears 5G Scanner will be that leap forward for wireless technology. With a sleek and innovative design, there is no other match for it in today’s market. This new 5G Scanner is designed to help you in more ways than one. Allowing you to have more control over your 5G environment than ever before this product operates in real time; offers dynamic adjustment to show you the exact bandwidth and strength of the channels you are trying to operate on and can generate a report to show you which channels have the most interference for your filming convinces. Additionally, with a built-in screen and battery mount, this device can also act as your on set monitor. Made from the highest quality material and enveloped in a shockproof, weather resistant, durable case the 5G scanner is the next great thing to help elevate your filming and broadcasting.

SKU: 6-1108

Model: MRS-L

Additional information

What is included

1 x 150M Video Transmitter
1 x 150M Video Receiver
2 x Paddle Antenna
2 x 2-Pin Lemo Power Cable for 150M System
2 x Cinegears 15mm-27mm Mounting Bracket
1 x Waterproof Foamed Case for Ghost Eye 150M