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2000M Four In One HDMI and SDI Wireless Video Transmission Kit Rack-Mount Model
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2000M Four In One HDMI and SDI Wireless Video Transmission Kit Rack-Mount Model




Is a perfect solution for wedding videographers, educators, and churches wanting to incorporate wireless technology into their workflow. This system features compressed video sent over 5G easily ensuring you can get your video feed in the most extreme situations.

The 2000R receiver allows you to monitor four video sources at the touch of a button sending the signal to your designated display via HDMI or SDI out. The rack mount configuration allows you to integrate your wireless receiver seamlessly with the rest of your gear rounding out your mobile wireless rig.

Wedding Videographers will enjoy the freedom and flexibility that wireless brings to their craft. Less cables means more creativity. Monitor all your cameras wirelessly during the ceremony and playback ceremony footage during the reception. The 2000R allows you to reduce clutter and speed up production pace making your next wedding a hit.

Modernize your Church services without sacrificing the heart of worship. The 2000R will discreetly work behind the scenes elevating your production while the congregation is engaged. Worship directors can send video feed from the main service to the control room or out to designated areas like the child care wing. Everyone can participate in worship. No one has to miss out.

Educators will find the 2000R beneficial when conducting lectures. Speak to multiple classes at once with quickness and ease. Students will benefit from the 2000R in all three stages of video production. Whether live broadcast or guerrilla film making, students will enjoy learning and utilizing wireless technology, preparing them for careers in a wireless world.

Product Features

High-quality and ultra low latency

This product supports HD-SDI&3G-SDI input and output as well as HDMI full-HD input and output, with the highest resolution of 1080P/60Hz. With the use of H.264 coding-decoding technology with high compression ratio and high definition, the images have high definition, and the latency is as low as 70ms.

4 transmitters and 1 receiver share one wireless channel

This product supports 4 channel videos simultaneous input, with resolution up to 1080P60 per channel. 4 channel videos shares one wireless channel, which greatly saves spectrum resources and provides great convenience for users to perform multi-camera shooting.


Combined with 4Å~4 MIMO and Beam-Forming technology, this product has advantages over other WiFi products in the market in terms of transmission distance and image bitrate. Beam-Forming technology makes wireless signals more concentrated and stronger in the direction from which they are transmitted to the receiver, allowing them to transmit farther and be less susceptible to interference from other signals, thus making them more stable.

Standard mode and streaming mode

This product supports switching between two operating modes, namely standard mode and RTSP streaming mode. In standard mode, this product supports 4TX-to-1RX and 4TX-to-2RX, and the video outputs interface are HDMI and 3G-SDI. In RTSP streaming mode, this product supports 4TX-to-1RX and 4TX-to-2RX, and the video streaming interface is LAN port(RJ45) .

Support RS232/422

This product supports controlling signal transmission via RS232/422 interface, which is convenient for users to control the transmitting terminal through the device at the receiving terminal, such as the PTZ.

Support monitoring on mobile devices

This product supports monitoring on portable devices, like mobile phone, tablet and PC. User can install live streaming tool supporting RTSP like VLC on mobile device, and connect portable devices with receiver via WiFi to watch the live video with different transmitter IP address.

Support tally signal transmission